BULANCO: Getting Started Selling Earrings on BASE

A passionate design office, called BULANCO, is getting started selling earrings on a micro EC platform called BASE from the other day.

Before selling the earrings, this company held an individual party at their office.

Its concept was ‘Love Helvetica’, and this party is named ‘Helvetican Bar’.

Helvetican Bar. by shinya, on f365

Helvetican Bar. by shinya, on f365

The earrings made of acrylic board, they were cut for Helvetican Bar.

They were made and were sold in a moment. @YaiveEn, who is the CEO of BULANCO, said on his twitter; BASE is great! I could start our e-commerce site in 2 minutes.


Base is a Tokyo startup that provides an easy-to-implement e-commerce platform.

It was born from Project Liverty, a tech savvy team led by serial entrepreneur Kazuma Ieiri. On Friday, the service added a new feature called BASE apps, allowing users to set up a shop under their own domain name. it also includes SEO (search engine optimization), and packaging material that merchants can use when shipping.

From “Base: The Japanese freemium e-commerce platform that’s following Shopify’s lead

Helvetican Bar. by shinya, on f365

Addtionaly, @YaiveEn said about the selling:

It became the world which can make a thing to create and sell easily, if you want to do. In addition, we can share it easily.

So I think that you make a loss, if you do not create and sell. Even if it is not bought!



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