Myojo Waraku: Switched to Taipei 2014

Myojo Waraku is Technology and Creative Festival.

Myojo Waraku’s mission, it is to generate the environment for creating and raising something new.

Therefore, Myojo Waraku makes the place for getting to know the predecessors’ idea, networking, and information transmission.

In 2011, about 1,250 people had participated. In 2012 of the next year, Myojo Waraku grew exceeding the first year and about 3,500 people had participated.

The website’s top page is switched to the Taipei 2014 as the tether!


Myojo Waraku 2014 Taipei has been scheduled that the date is January 18, 2014, and the place is Red House in Ximen.


In Addition, the logo mark is designed by Amadaman, and the illustration is drawn by Komiya Kiichiro.


CEO and co-founder of Nulab Inc., which is a software company. So, we are running,, and, they are all web-based services. In addition, I am helping a community of Information Technology in Fukuoka, Japan. This community is holding a Tech and Creative Festival called Myojo Waraku. Over 4,000 people joined this event in 2012.

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